“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream”…...Paulo Coelho

Message From MD

Verdure Business Ventures FZE, UAE and Pacific Trades & Exports, India are committed for extending the best service by ensuring higher ROI to its collaborators and customers. Creating and maintaining a high degree of goodwill with whomsoever we are engaged as well as ensuring consistency of higher quality and satisfaction are our prime mottoes. 

The global market is at its best now! The market players who succeeded in maintaining trust and integrity with their vendors and customers are flying high in the business. Our vendors and customers are privileged to enjoy the trust and integrity with each of our team members. At the same time,  we are very selective while engaging to ensure the safety and well being of our stakeholders. 

Our model of business is engaging with elite organisations in a collaborative style, with apt profit-sharing basis. Zero compromises of  Business Ethics is a key element of company policy, especially while handling contracts and supply chain. 

Company’s associates’ offices are spread over many countries and still expanding across the globe. This model is found to be very successful and mutually beneficial with regards to growth and profit sharing. For us, in business, the sky is the limit! And we like to think that there are no boundary existing, whatsoever ways. We do not think outside the box! Rather believe that there is no box to restrict. Needless to say, inquiries for collaboration are highly solicited from like-minded business firms to join our journey, who are determined to grow seamlessly. by us in our continuous progressive journey! Hoping to cross our paths!

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Our vision is to be the best & trusted choice of our suppliers and customers while achieving 30-50 % growth in terms of volume of business, every year.


To achieve our vision, our mission is to enlarge the business collaboration network across the globe by ensuring prompt and quality service with commitment & accountability to deliverables with zero errors

Our Private Policy

Value Charter

Trust, integrity, selfless approach, zero errors and innovative efforts are the 5-core value practiced while ensuring ROI to the company as well as to its suppliers and customers

Recent Addition of products line

Glad to announce that we are being appointed as an authorised entity (not exclusive) to handle the business of the following company and their products in certain regions:-

(a) Muttu Gading, Indonesia – Carpet yarns (b) Prestige Carpet Factory, UAE – Finished carpets (c) Aluminium Extrusion Company – Mill Finish, Powder Coated, Anodized and crimping featured products.  (d) RAK Ceramics – Ceramic and Tiles products